Becoming a Locksmith – 3 Steps You Need to Know

Locksmiths are responsible for installing locks inside houses and business premises, making duplicate keys, and fixing all sorts of locks. Locksmiths help people who might find themselves locked out of their houses or cars. If you are aspiring to become a locksmith, then make sure you follow these steps:

Acquiring Training

It’s important for anyone who wishes to become a locksmith to undergo some form of training so as to gain the expertise needed to become successful in this industry. Training helps aspiring locksmiths gain a clear understanding of how locks function. They also teach the students how to repair and pick locks as well as make keys and their duplicates.

Community colleges and vocational schools tend to offer training to people who want to become locksmiths by offering certificate or diploma programs. These programs usually last for about three months and can extend up to 4 years depending on how technical the field of specialization for the student really is. For instance, a locksmith who is proficient in picking locks will not have to undergo training for a longer period as compared to a locksmith who has specialized their craft in technical lock systems such as an office or home security.

Obtaining Professional Locksmith Certification and License

The Associated Locksmiths of America (ALOA) provides specific levels of certification to locksmiths. Some of these recognitions include the Certified Master Locksmith (CML) and the Certified Registered Locksmith (CRL). There is a test for all of these certifications, with a pass mark of 70% or higher needed for a locksmith to receive certification.
These certifications are not mandatory for locksmiths to practice their craft. However, they are recommended as they distinguish a professional locksmith from an amateur. This gives potential clients a sense of assuredness in the locksmith’s work.

Getting Work Experience

The next step to becoming a locksmith after training is successfully completed, is to gain on-the-job experience. How long locksmiths get to work before they are given a license depends on the state they live and operate from. It’s worth noting that the company in which any locksmith starts out their career has to be licensed. Not all states dictate that locksmiths should have a license to operate. However, most require locksmiths to pass a background check as well as submit their fingerprints to the state database.

Locksmiths tend to enjoy the process of solving a problem for people whose lives have come to a stop because they can’t gain access to either their car or house. Becoming a locksmith does not involve a lot of requirements. Becoming successful in the industry, however, requires following the steps listed above.

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